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Q: Is there a dress code for your courses?

All of our courses are smart casual.

Q: What differentiates your courses from your competitors?

Good question, simple answer – teaching combined with simulation, industry expert presenters and coaching combined with assessment. We offer state of the art systems designed by experienced industry software architects for you to practice and hone your skills on. Our presenters have extensive experience, but are also current and active in the market. These professionals will coach you, and be on hand at all times to share their knowledge and skills. For our trader assessment we make use of a proprietary list of core skills required for those interested in pursuing a career in front line trading.

Q: How does the assessment process work?

The assessment is made up of two parts – your individual "assessed" score and quantitative trading data for every trading simulation you complete. During the week the assessors will rotate to ensure they spend time with each participant. During the trading exercise assessors will ask you questions, observe and score you against our list of core competencies. At the same time we record and analyse all the trading data during the exercise. We compare the results with the game timeline and compare your response and interpretation of market movements. All of this information is compiled into a report of which a copy is sent to you and your sponsor.

Q: What do you base your assessments on?

Assessment is done against a detailed matrix of core competencies. The list of attributes and associated skills were collated by an industry wide consultation process. This information is proprietary.

Q: Can you cater for special dietary requirements?

Yes we can. Please notify us at least 48hours before the event you can find our contact details on our "contact us" page.

Q: I heard your assessed course is tough, what happens if I find it too difficult?

The objective of the course is for you to learn. We will ask you to for some information prior to the course to determine what you and your company’s objective is for you attending. According to this information we determine and try to anticipate the amount of assistance and coaching that will be given during the week. However, we operate with a “leave no man behind” motto and you will receive constant feedback, support, and be encouraged to ask questions so to ensure you achieve your best outcome.

Q: Can you run your courses in our offices?

We offer our clients the option to run bespoke courses in their office. We do have some minor power and space requirements that will have to be met before we can agree to a venue. Please enquire at from our "contact us" page for more information on what these requirements are.

Q: How realistic are your trading simulations?

The Trader Trainer V3.0 creates a functional, accessible trading environment equivalent to commercial trading systems. Simulations are set around different trading scenarios which are often based on historical and current events. Each simulation is aimed at testing and developing a new concept and/or skill and builds in complexity during the week. Through the introduction of brokers, instant messenger and tasks such as tendering, we have been successful in re-creating a realistic trading environment.

Q: My IT skills are not strong, how easy are your systems to use?

We make every effort prior to and during the course to ensure you get comfortable with systems. Our systems are highly accessible and user-friendly. We have a dedicated systems team who are always on-hand to assist with any issues you might have during the course. We do urge you to take the time made available at the beginning of the course to test the system and acclimatise yourself to your workstation – it can only benefit your performance!

Q: How do I book a place on one of your courses?

The easiest way too book is via our website, navigate to the course you are interested in attending and press the "Book Now" button, where upon you will be asked to fill out a quick form to complete the booking. Alternatively, if you have any questions or problems with booking you can find all our contact details by selecting the contact us link at the top of the page.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

Even though we realise life is filled with unplanned eventualities we also have commitments and kindly ask your consideration in the cancellation and changing of bookings. We will try our best to accommodate any changing circumstances, but in the instance that we can’t, we will refer to the below:

A Delegate may be substituted for another delegate at any time prior to the commencement of the course. A course place may be cancelled prior to the commencement of the course within the notice periods set out below and might incur a penalty charge:

  • 60-90 days - No cancellation charge, transferable.
  • 30-60 days - 25% of course fee cancellation charge, transferable.
  • 30 or less days - 100% of course fee cancellation charge.

Transfers can be made at no charge any time prior to 30 days before the commencement of the course. Cancellations and transfers must be submitted in writing to PVM Smart Learning. Notification can be send via our contact form or post (117 Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6HH). Where refunds are due payment will be made in the same form as was received. Please allow two weeks for processing.

Q: Can I book my own accommodation for the residential 5 day assessed course?

If you are attending one of our residential courses then the accommodation and meals are included. We do not recommend booking alternative accommodation for these courses as we run a very full schedule over the 5 days with regular guest speakers in the evening.