Oil Trading and Price Risk Management

September 2017

Course Description

The Oil Trading and Price Risk Management course is an interactive learning experience delivered by industry experts. Over two days delegates will gain knowledge of the core concepts of oil trading and have the opportunity to practice these learnings through hands-on simulations. The course has been designed for those interested in a career in oil trading and all support staff in the industry who want a better understanding of the front-line trader function and associated risk management strategies. The course covers fundamentals of crude, product and technical trading techniques. Training is structured as interactive presentations followed by work on electronic trading simulations based on realistic market scenarios, emphasising key learning points and capturing the essentials of real and complex trading scenarios.

Who should attend this course

The Oil Trading and Price Risk Management course will suit those looking to pursue a career as a front line trader in the oil industry. It is also suitable for all back, middle and front office staff in oil related functions who want a better understanding of the commercial aspects of their role and wish to excel. The skills and trading techniques covered are applicable to other commodity trading areas.

What you will learn

By the end of this course you will have achieved a good understanding of the physical crude, product and derivative markets with an ability to:

  • Understand the main drivers of the market
  • Master principal trading techniques:
  • Formulate market views
  • Identify entry/exit points
  • Assess and manage risk exposure
  • Manage position limits
  • Effectively communicate views, positions and risk
  • Manage and function in stressful situations

Realistic Simulations

Throughout the course each delegate’s learning is reinforced by utilising one of our specially developed computer based simulators.

Our unique world class simulated trading and operations environments allow both individuals and teams to practically apply the knowledge gained from each lecture instantly.

All the simulations are based on realistic market scenarios and updated continuously.

Course Content

Introduction to Oil Trading & Markets

A comprehensive introduction to oil trading principles and an overview of the terminology used.

Physical Crude Oil Trading

An introduction to the physical crude oil market and how crude oil is traded around the world.

Creative Technical Analysis

The art and science of predicting future price moves based on past price patterns.

The Market Participants & Career Roles

An introduction to the main participants in the oil market, and the different career roles available within the industry.

Physical Oil Products Trading

An introduction to the physical oil product markets and how they are priced and traded.

Basics of Spread Trading

An introduction to spread trading and how to use this technique to manage risk between geographic locations and / or time periods.

Risk Management & Price Exposure

An introduction to the fundamentals of price exposure and risk management techniques.

Course Details

GBP 2,000.00 + VAT
Course Type
2 day course
Time and Dates
Payment can be made via bank transfer or credit card, and will be due on receipt of an invoice prior to the start of the course.