Introduction to Physical Oil

Course Description

This course will give you a grounding in the fundamentals that drive the global physical oil markets. We will take you from the producer all the way to the refiner giving insight to the many moving parts that make up this complex industry.

Who should attend this course

Anyone who wants to be able to gain a solid foundation in the oil markets. Whether to get a general oversight of the industry or to provide the foundation to go on to more advanced learning this is a fantastic course to step into the world of physical oil.

What you will learn

By the end of this courses you will have an understanding of:

  • The different methods of production
  • How oil is measured and graded
  • Factors that determine the price
  • Floating vs Fixed price
  • Freight and other methods of transport
  • Storage
  • Refining
  • The basic concept of hedging

Realistic Simulations

Throughout the course each delegate’s learning is reinforced by utilising one of our specially developed computer based simulators.

Our unique world class simulated trading and operations environments allow both individuals and teams to practically apply the knowledge gained from each lecture instantly.

All the simulations are based on realistic market scenarios and updated continuously.

Course Content

Producing Oil

We will explore the different methods of exploration, the benefits and challenges

Measurement & Grading

What is crude oil made up of, how this make up varies. How to read an Assay.

Factors that determine the price of oil

A look how global supply and demand fundamentals determine the price we pay for oil

Floating Vs Fixed Price

A look at how oil deals are structured, and learning the difference between a fixed price and a floating price contract

Transporting Oil

A look at freight and other methods of transporting oil and the influence it can have on the oil markets


A look at what storage is, the different methods and why we would use it.


Turning crude oil into something useful. The importance and challenges of refining crude oil.


An overview of what hedging is and why it is important.

Course Details

Course Type
1 day non-residential course

All our courses are available on request. If you are interested in attending this course please contact us.

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