Foundation Oil Trader

Course Description

This course gives a wide ranging introduction to traded oil markets. Delivered in an interactive style by market trading experts, it gives participants the opportunity to gain knowledge of the core concepts of oil trading. To reinforce learning the hands-on simulations will give you a taste of the kind of challenges faced by front-line traders. We would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in a career in oil trading or for those already in the industry who want a better understanding of the commercial and operational environment in which they operate.

Who should attend this course

Will suit people with little experience of the oil industry or back, middle and front office staff who want a better understanding of the commercial and operational environment in which they operate.

What you will learn

By the end of this course you will have:

  • A good understanding of the physical crude, product and derivative markets
  • Understood the main drivers of the market
  • Mastered principal trading techniques:
    • Formulate market views
    • Identify entry/exit points
    • Assess and manage risk exposure
    • Manage position limits
    • Effectively communicate views, positions and risk
  • Learned how to manage and function in stressful situations

Realistic Simulations

Throughout the course each delegate’s learning is reinforced by utilising one of our specially developed computer based simulators.

Our unique world class simulated trading and operations environments allow both individuals and teams to practically apply the knowledge gained from each lecture instantly.

All the simulations are based on realistic market scenarios and updated continuously.

Course Content

Introduction to Oil Trading & Markets

A comprehensive introduction to oil trading principles and an overview of the terminology used.

Physical Crude Oil Trading

An introduction to the physical crude oil market and how crude oil is traded around the world.

Physical Oil Products Trading

An introduction to the physical oil product markets and how they are priced and traded.

The Market Participants & Career Roles

An introduction to the main participants in the oil market, and the different career roles available within the industry.

Risk Management & Price Exposure

An introduction to the fundamentals of price exposure and risk management techniques.

Basics of Spread Trading

An introduction to spread trading and how to use this technique to manage risk between geographic locations and / or time periods.

Course Details

Course Type
1 day non-residential course

What our clients say

Very good system / platform Gas Producer
Excellent lectures, very knowledgeable lecturers. Friendly and very helpful team. Leading Market Data Provider
I was blown away by how well it was setup and realistic – I really enjoyed it. Investment Bank

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